Friday, January 18, 2013

Learning Together

Toys are just beginning to mean something to the little lady. She got a bright pink, rocking mirror crab for Christmas that does a decent job of interesting her when she's lying on her back or tummy.  Today I introduced her to Molly, her first stuffed animal. Madelyn played with her the only way she knows how (mostly by mouth) while I took the opportunity to learn more about my own new camera-toy. Still working on the focus trick - you cameragicians will notice that the wrong things (like elbows) are in focus while the important things (like faces) are fuzzy. But the immoderate number of pictures is as much about my trials and errors as about my adorable child:

She has a beautiful handmade hot air balloon mobile courtesy of Aunt Sarah and Madelyn is now starting to enjoy watching it as she lays in her crib:

First Snow Day

When we were in Utah for Christmas, we got to enjoy a week-long winter wonderland. It snowed non-stop on Christmas and the 26th, and this Minnesotan-turned-Arizonan couldn't let the opportunity to play in the snow pass by. Yes, I bundled my three-month-old up and brought her out with me!