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Letter to JetBlue

Disclaimer: This was my first time travelling with JetBlue. I was impressed by many aspects of their service. Travel itself was more comfortable than that of possibly any other domestic airline and had better onboard service. Most of the staff we interacted with, including the ticketing agents in Salt Lake City, were friendly and pleasant. The letter drafted below, already sent both to JetBlue and the USDOT, specifically regards the operational breakdowns of the airline. I am reeling from the complete systemic meltdown I experienced while flying home this past weekend after attending a family funeral. I have seen the headlines about the nation’s travel industry woes post-Covid. I understand that recovery has been inordinately difficult and, as I grew up the daughter of an airline employee, I am likely more sympathetic to the real struggles the airlines are facing than the average traveler. That said, the utter breakdown I experienced in the processes and procedures of both JetBlue and

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