September In Pictures

(In which I try really, really hard not to write anything, but sometimes cheat through captions...)

Anna has the cheesiest grin!

We had twin cousins visit for a couple of weeks. Love these girls in their turquoise jammies!

Grandpa time!

We finally planned a vacation for our own little family - three days in Southern California sharing three of our favorite things with our girls: the beach, Disneyland, and Sea World.

Before we got to the beach she asked me, "Will there be a sandbox there?" Yes, dear, a very big sandbox...

Madelyn wasn't the only one happy about the sand...

Even more than the sand, Madelyn LOVED the water. She must be her daddy's girl, she stayed in the waves almost the whole time we were there.

Madelyn's very favorite thing at Disneyland was meeting princesses

Anna didn't like meeting Eeyore as much as Madelyn did...

It was so, so hot and humid so ice cream was definitely in order

I loved this - she was conducting the music

Trying to be eaten by dozens of tiny fish...

Madelyn was so disappointed that she hadn't been splashed during the first show. So next time we sat very close to the front and got splashed four times in a row right at the end of the show. She didn't like that either, but who can keep a real frowny face when you've been asked to frown for the camera?

Anna didn't like having her nursing session disrupted by bucket loads of salt water either, but it made for good pictures afterwards!

Getout Games for my brother's birthday - so fun for all of us, even Madelyn!

Madelyn chose to go camping for her birthday

She was so excited :)

We are sooo grateful that this spunky girl is in our lives. We can't imagine life without her.

Putting new toys to use right away

This picture is so Madelyn, a hard-hitting, twirly-and-sparkly-dress-wearing princess. Happy birthday sweet one!


Ryan said…
We want to rent your children... indefinitely.

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