Friday, May 20, 2011


I had to perform a difficult piece of Jewish-Christian Relations in action this past week.  It took a lot of time and energy I wasn't very thrilled to give, but the end result was tolerable and my supervisor took mercy on me by way of a 15 pound "thank you" gift card to a bookstore down the street.  The gift was extremely generous, and I wanted to spend the money wisely.  I spent multiple hours at the bookstore today, pouring over all my options.  I had almost completely decided on Dracula and Crime and Punishment to add to my classics library (I've heard Dracula is one of the best books ever written.  Who knew??), along with a biography of the skeptic philosopher Montaigne (who played a large role in my senior capstone paper).  However, I walked out of the store happily carrying the following instead:

And my favorite:

These are very British children's books.  I decided that I could get Dracula in any bookstore, anywhere.  But I'm fairly certain that "Stick Man" is unavailable in the US.  I am very excited to add the four books to my other British classic: "The Gruffalo."  And all for only 98 pence of my own money :)  

Today has been a quiet day.  My thoughts have been drifting from the very mundane tasks of student life to the questions and yearnings of eternity.  I have learned today how life speeds on, even when a light has left it.  As I jogged next to the Cam river this evening, watching the sun glinting through the leaves onto the water, feeling the blisters forming on my feet, feeling the warm air puffing by my cheek, I felt so, so grateful to be living.  I have confidence in the peace, rest and reunion of the next life, but today I was overwhelmed by how good this life is.  I felt so grateful for a healthy body, for a husband who will soon be with me again, and for this place, which has become such a sweet home.  

A reminder from my daily scripture study that God is all around us, evidenced by this glorious world:
"The earth rolls upon her wings, and the sun giveth his light by day, and the moon giveth her light by night, and the stars also give their light, as they roll upon their wings in their glory, in the midst of the power of God....Behold, all these are kingdoms, and any man who hath seen any or the least of these hath seen God moving in his majesty and power."  (Doctrine and Covenants 88:45, 47)

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Gaylene said...

Just had to comment on this one as I was getting caught up on your blog. I have Room on a Broom (in fact, somehow I ended up with 2 copies). The kids and I love it. I had no idea it was "British".

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