Monday, October 31, 2011

A Little Too Happy for the Part...

We were Angry Birds for Halloween.  That's right, we're cool like that.  I can say, too, that we were quite the hit at the church/community trunk-or-treat.  It all began with a big red snuggie that we found at the Goodwill that lives right behind us (a place I frequently haunt).  Thankfully, there was a light blue bathrobe in the same section, so we made off with our goods, picked a few choice colors of acrylic paint and proceeded to speed-paint our costumes before the evening's festivities:

The last two pics were us looking angry?  Okay, so we've been a pretty happy pair lately and we really weren't very angry as angry birds.  Such is life.  Also, you see the gap in the beak on David's bird?  I fixed it later, so that it shows white like the model pic (which I'm sure is copyrighted by someone, so consider them credited):

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the updated Halloween-ready costume, but I do have lots of pictures of our adorable trick-or-treaters:

Love those two!  Thank you, Jacob and Clarissa, for allowing us "god-children" while we wait for our own!

Happy Halloween, friends.  Life is so good!


Adventures of Ardis said...

Just when I thought you two couldn't be any more adorable and are. Those costumes are amazing! Good work :)

Dave said...

So, Amy is more humble than I. Fact is, we were the coolest kids on the block. I haven't had so many random people shouting their approval to me in recent memory. Amy pretty much made the best costumes ever.

Jonathon and Sarah said...

LOVE!! I am super impressed. I can't believe you hand-painted those. They turned out great. Yay for Angry Birds!

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