Friday, November 4, 2011

Til Death and Beyond!!

I love weddings.  Love them.

It's a fairly recent thing.  I think it happened when my own wedding day was so fabulous.  I've been giddy about weddings ever since, and they are especially good when they are close friends or relatives!  I can't believe my little brother is all grown up and married, but it's true, it happened.  Dave and I spent the. most. perfect. autumn. weekend. ever. in Utah a couple of weeks ago and looooved spending the time with both my family and his.  Saturday was bright, cool (but warm in the sun, so basically perfect) and glorious in every way. The trees were still hanging brilliant colors and everyone had pumpkins and gorgeous fall flowers on their porch steps.  My brother and his new bride could literally not have chosen a more perfect day.  I'm not kidding when I say that I was quite jealous.  I had originally wanted an October wedding, and their day was just the kind of wedding day I had envisioned for myself.  I'm glad someone could enjoy it anyway :)  Weddings are best told in pictures, so here it goes:

This was literally the first of their kisses I ever saw.  It's good to know they like each other!

One happy groom :D

Love these guys!

My beautiful parents!

My sweet sister, growing up fast

My adorable grandparents!

My other adorable grandparents!


Love the smile!

Wedding party - I totally loved the grays!

Awww, my cute brothers

Ah, my bros

HOT - this face is why I married him ;)

...and Derek

Couldn't miss out on the fun

The best place for a marriage!

Love this guy!


Stacie said...

aw wow looks like such a fun day! the bride's dress is beautiful! Cant believe how old your siblings are getting and your parents look great! Glad you could come to UT for the wedding :)

Ladyfair said...

So, "this face is the reason why I married him." I can't help but think that is his "smolder." Have you see Tangled? I have, too many times!

Waldo said...

Beautiful pictures on a beautiful day...

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