Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Purchase

On the weekend before Thanksgiving, Dave and I made the first big purchase of our married lives: a new set of couches.  Actually, that's not entirely accurate, because it's a beautiful, rounded, 2-piece sectional.  When put together it's only one piece of furniture.  I normally don't like sectionals, but this piece fit our needs and budget so well.  We'd decided not to buy a sofa and loveseat, both for space and financial reasons.  But we were worried that a sofa alone wouldn't meet our needs for long.  So the sectional was the perfect compromise, though it was one of those hit-you-in-the-head kinds of moments, right as we were about to settle for the sofa of the same line.  We were able to pay cash for our purchase, and we both feel very proud of the centerpiece of our living room.  (Sorry about the faded color.  My camera is still floating around London somewhere - though I'm sure the lost-and-found department has gotten rid of it by now - so these pictures were taken on Dave's iTouch, which doesn't actually let in much light.)

MY pride is the pillows on the couch.  I'd done some searching online and in nearby stores even before we purchased the couch.  I didn't like most of what I'd found, and I was appalled at how expensive pillows were!  So on a whim, I ended up at Jo-Ann Fabrics on Black Friday, and even though it took a few hours of waiting in line, I was able to leave with extremely discounted fabric I loved and pillow-forms for seven sofa pillows.  I'm not a sewer; I guess I'm just picky and independent enough to learn and do it myself!  I sewed them up at my mother's house over Christmas break and I love the way they complete the look of my living room!  (Again, the colors all look brown and gray, but the pillows are actually beautiful sages, yellows, and floral taupes.)

The best part of our new couches is that we finally have a place for friends to sit when they come over!  Hooray for sociability!  

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