Friday, June 1, 2012


Okay, so we don't have a house queued and waiting yet like I thought we would. But back when I was envisioning our little lives moving into the house we were planning to buy, I realized that painting equals freedom. I have had many friends ask me how I plan to decorate the nursery: what will be your theme? What colors have you chosen? etc. These always struck me as funny questions. My parents kept their newborns in a very small crib in the walk-in closet in their room. This seemed natural to me - the closet was very dark, very quiet and very close to my mom. I guess most of me just assumed I'd settle my newborn in a closet somewhere too! We have thought about nursery options in this apartment, just in case we can't find a house. Our apartment is a two bedroom, but the second bedroom is a much needed study/computer area where David works every day. We really can't sacrifice that work space for a baby (who needs much less space incidentally). If we end up staying here longer than planned, we will move our bed to the side of the bedroom and put the crib in an empty corner of our room (or the closet?). No need to decorate a nursery if baby is borrowing a corner of your own bedroom.

It wasn't until we (theoretically) had a three bedroom house that I started thinking about a real nursery. After all, the house we were purchasing desperately required a new coat of paint on every wall to clean up the dirty, nicked, dingy walls. If we had to paint the room anyway, I might as well decorate too, right? Not that I had any plans. Babies, toddlers, young children never got their own room in my house growing up (I loved it that way, by the way) so I really have no decorating precedent. Then I completely accidentally stumbled upon a baby girl's nursery that I LOVED. Thing is....

It's BLUE!!

Am I crazy for wanting to do it?  It's not really blue - technically it's grey. But it sure looks like a gorgeous, understated light blue:

Somehow it still looks very feminine, right? I found the pictures on a blog called Jones Design Company and you can see her full nursery post here. She also posted the paint color (Behr Rhino):

I kind of like the Benjamin Moore Silver Lake color as well, posted by another decorating blogger:

Like the bedroom pictures above, I can see the wall color going with accents of white, dusty rose, mustard yellow, dark tarnished platinum... mmmmm.

What about Narnia line illustrations from the original publications in dark platinum colored frames on the walls?

Yes, I completely adore it. 

Of course, we're not at a stage in life where we can make everything match a decorating scheme (another reason I've always found the nursery question funny). My rocking chair, for example, is an ugly, threadbare, maroon and teal Lay-Z-Boy chair that we purchased from Craigslist for $20.00 a few years ago. It will go with nothing at all, but it's comfy :) I'm pretty sure the chair itself ruins any dreams of a gorgeous nursery like the one above. But hey, I can still paint the walls and hang some pictures, right?

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The Heathen Caboose said...

I think the grey can we pretty. There are so many colors to compliment. Me and Byron liked with one too. We ended up painting Maren's room with some left over paint (green) and I think it is her favorite room in the house, even though she doesn't spend that much time in there :). That picture on the top reminds me of your room in Cal for some reason. :)- Mayla

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