Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well, life is fairly uneventful right now.  I think I'll be Londoning next week, so that will be something to write about (I still haven't been).  My first day of class was today but I'm fairly certain no one wants to hear about our arguments over John Chrysostom's eight polemical homilies against Judaizers or about the normative and descriptive applications of supersessionism.  SO I will instead post pictures of my current living quarters so that all of you--including Dave :( --can better visualize my British existence!  First, pictures of my house from the outside:

Our flat is on the top floor of the gray building.  We actually enter from the building on the left side.

This is the street directly ahead of our house.  The ivy is gorgeous!
Picture of the street running in front of the house.  
The flat is very close to the center of town, which makes grocery shopping and ATM runs very easy.  Now for pictures of my personal bedroom.  It is the smallest of the bedrooms (about 7' by 13' as determined by my personal height and a kleenex box :P) but I think it is very comfortable!:

Note about the window:  Yes, the curtain is terribly ugly.  מה לעשות?י (ma l'asot or "what can be done?" - kind of like saying "shrug" in English.)  It's tucked behind the radiator like that because the window cannot close!  The first night I was in the room, Courtney Innes was sitting on my bed next to the open window.  Unfortunately, a large, black very unAmerican spider started crawling into the window.  Brave Courtney hit it out for me, but I moved the head of my bed away from the window that night and started tucking the curtain into the radiator.  That way, if any more creeping things decide to enter my warm room, they can go straight to the floor instead of straight onto my bed.  Yech!


Amy said...

Great. I cursed myself with the window note! I found my first spider tonight on the foot of my bed. ON, not under. Wiggles!

Mom said...

Amy, have you considered a whole roll of duct tape to close up that open window space. It seems that the winter might get a BIT chilly!

Joyous said...

Your window can't close?!

Paulita said...

i love the pictures - makes me homesick for our time in Europe. and although i don't like to be a complaining tenant, considering how much it rains in England, i think i'd want the non-closing window fixed! (rain damage also sounds less wussy than "i don't like spiders" :-) which for me would be just as imperative a reason!

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