Friday, October 15, 2010

Singing Gospel

Courtney and I had an unexpected introduction to Anglican gospel choirs tonight!  It was the most delightful accident!  We had heard there were some creepy statues at Jesus College, so we decided to venture out to see them.  We walked around the college building but the only statue we saw was that of a friendly-looking horse. Nonetheless it seemed deserving of my attempts at photojournalism:

Slightly disappointed, we wandered the grounds and enjoyed the trees and the gorgeous red brick:

Then, we wound our way back toward the quadrangle and decided to take a peek inside the chapel:

Another girl joined us as we approached the chapel and the three of us tried to find an open door.  It took a minute, but she found a way in and beckoned us to follow, assuming, obviously, that we were there for the same reason she was: gospel choir practice!  We poked our heads in and the overly-enthusiastic director instantly invited us to join them.  Well, we thought, why not!  So we grabbed some music, sidled up to a few other girls and started singing.  These kids (literally - they all looked like they were 17!) were all singing at the top of their lungs!  I was so giddy to be there-snuck into the Jesus College gospel choir-that I couldn't keep from grinning!  I was desperately wishing I could record the moment somehow when I realized that my camera was still in my purse.  I was very sneaky (I thought people might wonder if I started taking pictures), but I slipped my camera to record mode and pushed start.  I am posting the fabulous evidence here, but please forgive the lack of image and the less-than-perfect sound quality.  The camera was in my purse the entire time:

Another clip, this time singing "Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot" and "O, When the Saints Go Marching In" as a duet:

Now "Swing Lo," "When the Saints" and "She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain" at the same time!:

Pretty much it was the most marvelous way to spend a Friday night :)


Jacob & Clarissa said...

Those are some bizarre songs to put together, but that was still awesome! Sounds like a fun adventure!

Ashley said...


Tyler said...

hehehe I could hear you singing in the third song and could tell that you were probably laughing inside at the ridiculousness of putting those three songs together. I love it!

Ryan said...

I think Sister Hall would be appalled at almost everything about those medleys, but heck, it's pretty cool that they let you sing with them.

Amy said...

Haha well yes, but it did appear that the director was a real music fellow and not just a -ward choir director- (no offense meant, I'm just trying to point to the extreme amateur nature of the calling). And LET us sing is the wrong word. They didn't KNOW we were interloping and genuinely thought we had come to the chapel at that time to sing with the choir. At least, the choir director thought that. The 17s looked at us a little strangely :)

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