Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The wonderful thing about autumn in England is that it lasts!  When I arrived in Cambridge, the tree outside my window was fringed with yellow.  Now, five weeks later, the tree is still a brilliant yellow.  I love it!

This is the building where we attend our lectures and seminars. Obviously it is one of the newer university buildings: 

We have been doing some fun things as a flat lately.  Last Wednesday, Lucy's husband Andy came for the evening and we all went out to a curry place for dinner.  The curry was wonderful and they even gave us bowls of ice cream on the house when we were finished!:

Sunday night we had a flat Mexican dinner.  The three Americans in the flat have been missing Mexican food and we had invited our three under-fed sister missionaries over for dinner that night anyway.  So I made some really yummy homemade salsa to top our homemade shredded chicken tacos.  Lucy made some delicious bread and butter pudding for dessert, which is what we are eating in the pictures below:

From left to right: Me, Kathryn (NY), Pavol (our house-guest from Prague), Sister Kinjo (Japan), Sister Carnieletto (Milan, Italy) and Sister Bottema (the Netherlands)
From left to right: Pavol, Sister Kinjo, Sister Carnieletto, Sister Bottema, Courtney (CA), Lucy (Bath, UK), me

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