Friday, November 5, 2010

Guy Fawkes

British holiday today!  No, that doesn't mean school off, but it does mean fire in all shapes and sizes.  Guy Fawkes was a British traitor in the early 1600s who planned to blow up the House of Lords.  He was caught and executed before he could carry out the attack.  Now Brits (loosely) commemorate the non-assassination of the king on November 5 by burning effigies of Guy Fawkes.  To join the celebrations, Courtney and I met up with some friends from church (Kathryn is sick and Lucy was home for the weekend) and went to Midsummer Common to watch fireworks with the rest of Cambridge:

Crowd at the "Sweets" stand
The one person at the "Veggie" stand ;)
Esther and Courtney watching the show
It actually started raining, so I have water all over my face! 
Esther, Courtney and Dan watching 
The pile of wood soon to be the Guy Fawkes bonfire
Ardis, Courtney and me enjoying the biggest bonfire I've
 ever seen.  (Note: I don't actually have a black eye, but
persistent rain and mascara don't mix!)
Heading to the rides
Hot chocolate, herbal tea and space heaters on full blast to
 warm up and dry off after the fun, wet evening.
Esther, Terrance, Courtney and Beto

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