Monday, July 4, 2011

The 3rd of July: Celebrating the Last Day of American Colonisation in the Motherland

I am so grateful for the generosity of English people like this:

who combed the country searching for all things 
American so that I could have a 4th of July party. 

I am grateful for the amazingly bonafide American barbeque we enjoyed (complete with A&W Root Beer, Bar-S hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, chocolate chip cookies and Heinz ketchup) and for the slightly-sketchy Chinese fireworks that we shot into the sky from the back garden.  I am grateful for the Lamb and Mint burgers and apricot puddings that were laid out alongside the American dishes, giving us the chance to savour one final taste of England. I am grateful for the "My Country 'Tis of Thee"/"God Save the Queen" duet duel, for the British flags posted in flower pots around the yard to commemorate the final day of American colonisation, and the beautiful gathering of diverse people from England, America, Australia, Brasil, Colombia, Korea and Tanzania (every continent represented).  I am grateful for the great friendship that has developed between the colonised and the colonisers, the once enemies in battle.  Though part of me longs to be back in America today with my family - celebrating in all the usual, trusted and nostalgic ways - I realised last night that this gathering of American and British friends here in the ancestral homeland, celebrating America's independence and, in a way, the coming forth of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, would be an occasion worth tender remembrance for my entire life.


Happy Independence Day everyone, wherever you are!!


Dave said...

Hah... They really did go all out on this. I have no idea where you got the root beer - I have been in British grocery stores...

I love the British flag flying bravely by the firework

Anonymous said...

We had an American military man there too! (He brought the root beer). It was a very unique independence day.

Adventures of Ardis said...

It looks like it was absolutely wonderful!

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