Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Will Miss British: Food

Yes, amazing as it sounds, I will miss British food, or at least the things listed below:

Millionaire Bars:  Shortbread base, caramel center and chocolate top.  Amazing.  

Elderflower Cordial:  The best alcohol substitute I have ever enjoyed.  It has a beautiful floral taste and feels sophisticated, even though you can pick up a bottle for £1.50 at the supermarket...

Fish and Chips:  grew on me.   I'm not a huge fish person, but I had the most delectable fish and chips at a gorgeous pub on the Thames river one sunny afternoon, while watching the boats row by and the tide lap up towards the sidewalk.  I have been craving that meal every few days ever since.  Best with a rigorous squeeze of fresh lemon...

Granary Bread:  I'm sure I have eaten full loaves of this baguette-style  bread at a time.  I have never experienced such a delicious, nutty taste in a bread before.  

Thick, Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream:  or any flavour ice cream, for that matter.  I don't know what is in the grass in Cornwall, but the cows that graze there make the thickest, creamiest textured ice cream I have ever experienced.  The cheapest tubs of plain vanilla ice cream are better than any vanilla ice cream I have ever eaten in the States.  
Greek-Style Yogurt with Honey:  tastes more like ice cream than yogurt.  Oh, I will miss this stuff!

British Puddings:  I have never been a cake fan.  Cake in America is so dry!  It is only tolerable when gobbed with large dollops of ice cream.  The Brits have got cake figured out, except that here it is called "pudding" - cake drenched with sweet, fruity syrups or jams.  Moist, flavourful, delicious.

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels:  Again, not much of a fish fan, but the Cambridge University Jewish Society doesn't serve anything else at their monthly Lunch and Learns.  Once tried, forever converted.  Baked salmon cannot compare to the rich flavour of Scottish smoked salmon, and whoever invented the combination of salmon, cream cheese and bagel is a hero in my book.  It has become my lunch staple.  

Walnut and Gorgonzola Pre-Made Tortellini:  or any of Sainsbury's filled pastas.  Easy, fast and absolutely delicious.  Added to an assortment of steamed veggies, this tortellini has become one of my dinner staples...

And of course:

Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam:  So very British.  So very tasty.  I have already googled "clotted cream in America" and I already know the location of the only cafe in the greater Phoenix area that serves British-style scones with clotted cream and jam.  I will be visiting soon. 

Nine days, one more Sunday.  Two suitcases packed already.  Oh. my. goodness.


Amy said...

Isn't this post a testament to the power of food photography?

Jamie said...

Wow. I agree---European ice cream is SO much better than anything in the U.S. This all looks delicious! :) Crazy you are coming back so soon! Hope you thoroughly enjoy your last week and a bit there and that you travel safely. :)

Dave said...

Dear Wife,
If you ever want Elderflower bubbly again, you should get it now. It is several times as expensive here... I have looked

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