Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Suspension of Disbelief

This was going to be one long, epic post. I've retracted that idea, though, so hopefully there will be a few little(r) posts coming over the next few days. Regardless, there have been some (to go along with the theme) epic things happening in life lately, so I thought I had better record them!

First new experience: the opportunity to recline in a chair in a dark ultrasound room and "meet" my baby for the first time. What a miracle disguised as a routine medical procedure! I was completely unprepared for how detailed the ultrasound would actually be.

And I found myself experiencing a strangely inverted need for the "suspension of disbelief." Usually a suspension of disbelief is necessary when something terribly fantastic and unrealistic is happening on the big screen. Because you want to continue to enjoy the movie, you say to yourself "oh, it's just a movie" and shelve the pragmatism until the credits roll.

This time it took all my effort to suspend great waves of disbelief that the little person they were showing us could really be wiggling around inside of me like that, right then, just as we were seeing. Definitely one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. It was also incredibly calming, though, and the near hour we spent with the ultrasound technician was a beautiful experience I think I will treasure.

We were bursting with news about the gender of our baby, but decided to keep it secret for just under two weeks. I wanted my missionary brother to hear the announcement with everyone else on Mother's Day. It was definitely a hard secret to keep, but the phone call made it worth it. Mom, Dad, Derek and Becky based the call in Utah, Ryan and Sarah called in from Washington D.C. (where they are interning for the summer), Jordan called in from Michigan, Tyler called in from Belgium (where he was away on tour with the BYU Wind Symphony) and Dave and I, of course, called in from here in Arizona. I sure love my supportive family and am so glad they are all engaged in such good causes!

So now that both sides of the family are fully informed, I suppose our news can go viral....

We will be adding a GIRL to our family sometime around the end of September!

Dave and I are very excited, though I think we were both a little surprised. David had been thinking all along that baby was more likely a boy and though I had been extremely unsure during my entire pregnancy and kept bouncing back and forth, I had started feeling more and more towards the ultrasound that we were probably having a boy. Not that we would have been any more excited that way, we had just suspected incorrectly. We went out and bought our first little dress the night of the ultrasound, just to celebrate.

No, we don't have any names picked out yet and probably won't for a while. We are very excited for the baby, but things are a bit busy right now :)

We were never able to get a good profile picture because as soon as she started getting prodded, baby turned right around on her side and showed her back to us for the rest of the ultrasound. The technician finally had to ask me to get up and walk around so that she could check the nasal passages before letting us go. This was the only desperate profile picture she could snap before baby started turning again.

Perfect little foot. Amazing!


imperfectemmalee said...

Oh Oh! So exciting! I'm so happy for the both of you! Little Miss Fisher is going to be so cute!

Erin Fairlight said...

Happiness and joy and a little girly goo! Mazal Tov chavarim

Marianne said...

What great pics! I love it! We are so happy for you guys! Where are you house hunting? Tempe?

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