Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Will Miss British: Culture

Today's countdown post (two Sundays to go after today) is in honour of my fabulous trip to London on Friday.  The first in today's list is very related.  I will miss...

Free museums: London contains some of the best museums and art galleries in the world, and they are free to visitors.  I cannot even begin to describe how much I will miss them.   

Anglican boys choirs: Most evenings it is possible to catch an evening choral service in the bigger churches around Cambridge and other British towns.  One of the highlights of living in Cambridge has been Kings Chapel Evensongs with the Kings College Choir Boys.  I have experienced some truly heavenly music here.

Formal Dining Halls: of Harry Potter fame.  Eating gourmet, Latin-blessed many-coursed meals by candlelight in draped black gowns was something so quintessentially Oxbridge (Oxford/Cambridge meld).  Each formal was sophisticated, unique, astonishing and extremely memorable.    

BBC iPlayer:  Perhaps not so culturally sophisticated, BBC iPlayer got me through many lonely nights alone when  American internet options like Hulu and Netflix were blocked because of my European IP address.  I gained a new respect for BBC television series and documentaries, and am hoping the BBC has some kind of American portal so I can continue to follow my British shows...

Pubs: Gasp, I know.  But I love how warm the pub atmosphere tends to be.  There is something beautiful about walking in, finding your own table, perusing the menu at your leisure, ordering at the bar when you are ready, and eating undisturbed.  The American restaurant system has got to figure this out!

Rowing:  When I get around to jogging, I like to run down the Cam river, past the boathouses.  There is something surprisingly moving about watching the rowing teams glide through the water.  I understand, now, this British symbol of athletic strength and beauty.    

Cheap airfare around Europe:  Again, not exactly high culture, but airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet have made friends with me!  I will miss the freedom to fly around Europe from $20 round trip.

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Ashley said...

I miss all those things about England... I want to go back so much.

And yes, Bro. Huntington is our associate director, just for this semester! The one before had to go home suddenly, and the Huntingtons agreed to come within a couple weeks notice. They got here when we did. I love them! We already established that I know both you and Courtney. As I've done with Bros. Muhlestein and Chadwick =] Good fun!

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