Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making the Most of It

I like Microsoft.  Gasp.  
There is something really groovy about having the scholarly text you are analysing on one side (complete with highlights) and your paper draft on the other, with automatic footnotes and comments off to the side.

It was quite the week, but my paper on "assess the significance of Judaism and 'the Jews' on (non-Jewish) Enlightenment thought" is finished.  On to finalising my dissertation topic.  That will be just as painful.

On the other hand, I will be in England only 24 more days and I want to take every opportunity to enjoy British experiences.  About a week ago, a few friends were punting to Grantchester (the village nearby) for an evening picnic.  Punting is an activity unique to Cambridge and Oxford.  Basically, you take a flat boat and move it up the river with a long pole.  I guess it's a lot like Venice but I wouldn't know; I've never been there.  It was a lot of time away from my essay, but it was absolutely fabulous and I am so glad I went.  The river was canopied by gorgeous green trees, and we ate our picnic dinner in a meadow next to the river.  I am grateful for good friends, unique opportunities, and the beautiful earth in which we live.

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Whoever took the black and white photo of Amy is my hero

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