Monday, June 6, 2011


36 days and coming to lasts already.  I was confidant yesterday that those lasts wouldn't begin yet: there would be, after all, one more Fast Sunday (first Sunday of the month set aside for fasting and prayer) in July.  But today hit me with two lasts I wasn't expecting!

The first was the end of afternoon lectures.  During the first two terms, we had plenary lectures after seminars on Wednesday afternoon.  These would be lecturers from various universities all over England and speaking on a variety of topics, sometimes related to our coursework, sometimes not.  This term, we no longer had plenaries, we had 'research seminars'.  How were these different?  From what I could tell, they weren't different at all, except that suddenly we had these extra lectures on Monday afternoon after seminar instead of Wednesday.  In sum, these lectures were sometimes terribly fascinating and sometimes terribly dull.  I have to admit, when I discovered that today's lecture was the last one, I was quite excited :)

The second last today?  My Dr. Who date with Dave.  One of my wonderful Cambridge friends joked once that Dave and I should do Skype commercials.  The slogan could be 'Skype saved my marriage', or something awesome like that.  We have spent hours and hours and hours on Skype over the last six months.  Usually we just talk, but we have explored just about every other feature Skype has to offer.  You remember the multi-video missionary phone call?  In addition, Dave and I have enjoyed game nights.  The shot below was from one of our very favorites, inspired by Minesweeper:

Lately, we have been enjoying weekly, Monday night Dr. Who dates.  Each Saturday night, a new episode of the wacky, traditional but delightful Dr. Who airs on BBC1.  Dave and I found that we can both have the new episode on one side of the screen, and Skype open on the other half.  We can comment to each other while we watch the episode and it almost feels like we're sitting on the couch together watching TV.  Tonight, however, was the last episode of the spring half of Season 7 (epic, by the way).  That means that the next time Dave and I watch Dr. Who together will be in the same house, on the same couch in September.  I guess the countdown has begun!

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