Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cymru Ar Gyfer Dymis

I'm supposed to be working on a dissertation topic, but after a couple of hours of frustrating research, I decided to distract myself by writing a post about my spontaneous trip to Wales.  Last Wednesday we booked a car and hotel "cottage" and Friday we headed out of Cambridge for Wales.  We drove through Brecon Beacons National Park, which was absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn't get enough of the rolling green hills, the rock and heather walls, and the grazing sheep.  We stopped at Carreg Cennen castle, which was on top of a high mound overlooking the surrounding valleys.  The view was breathtaking.  We spent Saturday on the Welsh coast, playing frisbee on the sand and walking the coastal trail.  We finished the day driving out to the point of a solitary lighthouse peninsula and watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean.  Thanks, friends, for the fun and relaxing holiday, even if it was too short :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures. You have such an exciting life. I love those sunglasses. You look like you're from Hollywood. :)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness!!!! GORGEOUS! Sadly I never got to Wales when I was there =[ I still want to go!

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