Friday, April 8, 2011


Spring has come in full splendour to Cambridge, so I decided to change my blog design to match.  It is beautiful here, with the budding leaves and blue sky.  I'm trying to keep myself busy by working ahead on an upcoming essay.  It has helped some, but I find myself all too distractable.  I've become good friends with BBC iPlayer and I suddenly have an inordinate interest in aggregated news sites.  Some days I wake up determined to work hard (and then I do), other days I don't wake up until late in the morning and spend time puttering around my little room, doing lots of things that amount to nothing really.  Tomorrow is another day, though.  Maybe tomorrow I will successfully channel my thoughts towards Marc Chagall and his ways of reflecting and impacting Jewish-Christian relations.  Maybe I will be perfectly inspired and scribble down 2000 words in one sitting.  Then again, maybe I will not think about Chagall at all, but take a lazy walk by the river, soaking up the sun...

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