Saturday, April 2, 2011


Dave and I spent three days in France this past week.  Not Paris as might be expected - we will wait until we have weeks (or at least a week) to spend there.  We went to Nice, a beautiful city on the French Riviera, for three days of relaxation and exploration.  We took long walks on the beach promenade, walked lazily through the flower market, ate gelato and Italian pizzas (Nice is very near the Italian border, so we had a hard time finding French food), discovered old monasteries and beautiful gardens, skipped rocks in the Mediterranean (or tried to skip - Dave is a brilliant rock skipper but I failed every time), ate baguettes with nutella, watched old Frenchmen playing pétanque, chased peacocks and played Boggle.  We participated in many conversations in which we spoke English and the Niceans (my word) spoke French and we somehow managed to understand each other and walk away good friends.  We spent the perfect amount of time there, though David decided that he could live there if he would ever learn French.  I think I can agree to that!

Dinner.  There were supposed to be apples too, but the checker took them away because
the apples didn't have stickers on them.  We'd picked them up from the apple bin there in the
supermarket, so I am still unable to explain why we couldn't purchase them.  If any of you
French experts can explain, please do!

Goodies from the market, unnamed until after Mother's Day ;)
Kinder and Nutella

Lavender and Jasmine

The only proof that we were there together.  We didn't get around to learning "Can you please take our picture?" in French before we left...


American lunch...
Our new goal is to count pictures of birds sitting on benches watching the sun set...

Dave's first Magnum bar :)

Skipping rocks

Dave's reward for being a very good-looking rock skipper

Guess the books!

Fascination, Hesitation, Temptation, Revelation

Delayed flight.  Thank heavens for free WiFi and ITunes downloadable movie rentals :)

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So, the bird watching is probably the best ever. We should find more bird pictures like that...

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