Friday, April 22, 2011

* What You Yanks are Missing *

One week from today, you all miss receiving a Friday off work permitted by the government SOLELY for the purpose of getting together with all your friends, turning on your TV and partying.  In fact, because of the Bank Holidays today (Good Friday) and Monday (Easter Monday) and the extra Bank Holiday next Friday, many Brits are taking the whole week off work.  Today marks the first day of a week of national holiday.  Sorry you're all missing out on all the fun.  

A day off work isn't the only thing you're missing though.  I know you have your own tabloids filled with royal wedding news.  Ours say things like:

We even have the wedding in garden newspapers (all about Kate's flowers - speculation, of course!):

What you probably don't realise is how far from tabloids this wedding is going here.  The royal wedding is everywhere and, literally, on everything!  This extends from the cheap souvenir stores in the market to the most posh department stores.  I have spent a couple of jolly hours running all over Cambridge to collect my own photo-documentary.  I hope you enjoy:

Fridge Magnets
Coasters, Rulers, Key Chains
Tea Towels and Decorative Plates

Collector Teaspoons
Digital Calendar?  Countdown?  I'm not quite sure...
Fancy White Notepads
Children's Books

Collectible Stickers?  Baseball Card Style?
Playing Cards

Framed Paintings
Dress for the Big Day, Including Hats, Clutches, Purses, Scarves and Bangles

Wedding Dinnerware
More Mugs 

Specialty Plates
35 Pound Specialty Chocolates with Gold Wedding Inscription
Etched Vases
China Mug, Pill Box and Plate

During our search we also found Royal Wedding paper weights, ballpoint pens, t-shirts and antique radios.  My absolute favorite paraphernalia item was at the Cath Kidston store though:

"Knit Your Own Royal Wedding" 
with instructions and detailed pictures
Amazing, right???  If you Americans are mourning because you don't have the opportunity to knit your own royal wedding, let me know and I'll make sure to bring you back the instruction manual.  

So what am I doing for the royal wedding?  That is still to be determined, but you can bet it will include donning some of these:

Congratulations Will and Kate!  One week to go :)


Amy said...

PS. Any votes about what I should pick up to remember this festive time?

Jacob & Clarissa said...

Wow, I thought it was out of control here! You seriously can't turn on the tv without hearing something about it. Even Disney channel is having Royal Wedding week and their announcer has suddenly become British. I think you should definitely knit your own Royal Wedding.

Bethany Louise said...

Wow, that is incredible :). My parents are going to England next week (for something else entirely...), and I think I'll ask them to bring me those Will & Kate playing cards. :)

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