Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am grateful for:

  • The concerned station master who approached me this morning while I sat crying to myself after Dave's train had pulled away.  I was touched by his kind concern and his friendly smile.
  • The statue I passed on my long, lonely walk away from the station.  The memorial to the Cambridge men and University boys who died fighting in World Wars I and II reminded me of how many women have had to be strong without their men before me.  It was the perfect reminder that things might be so much worse.
  • My supportive roommates, who greeted me with hugs at the door when I returned home.
  • Kathryn, who gave up her bedroom for two weeks so that Dave and I could sleep in the same bed.  
  • Our loving family members, who helped make these two weeks possible in so many ways, big and small. 
  • This incredible opportunity to learn, grow, serve, ponder, understand, stretch, prepare and trust.  I chose to come to Cambridge, though I did not choose this particular situation.  Nonetheless, the Lord has found countless ways to bless me and show me that He makes tailored provision for me, my husband and our future family.  
  • The gorgeous sun and the scent of blossoms and flowers in the air.  I couldn't help but smile as I walked back from the corner grocery store in the most glorious spring dusk.  
  • Thoughtful friends who show up unexpected at the door with cupcakes.  
  • General Conference.  I knew that I could return home alone today and sit down to the comforting words of living prophets.  After only two hours, I feel uplifted, inspired to be better, to do better and to serve better.  I am grateful for six more hours of inspiration tomorrow.
  • Skype, because in the whole history of the world, being apart has never been so close.
  • My husband.  Dave is my best friend, and I feel so, so grateful for the chance to show him this part of my life and to make memories that we can always share together.  


Paulita said...

sweet amy - you are such an incredible human being. we love you dearly and are so blessed you are part of our family.

Laura, RN said...

This made me cry. Thanks Amy ; )

Jonathan G. said...

Hey Amy! This is so moving. I am glad that I know you too. Jonathan :)

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